World-class Telecoms Provision

Speak's vision is to build an internationally recognised connectivity brand,
known for quality, innovation and value. We put the needs of the consumer at the core of everything we do,
we will achieve this by providing a full range of local and international services, to both business and consumers
in the UK and globally. Speak Group has four specialist and complementary operating companies:
Media, Mobile, Money and Telecom

Speak Group - World-class Telecoms Portfolio


Speak Media

Speak Media offers a high quality, reliable telephone line rental service as well as broadband packages which are provided by BT and other major service providers. Speak Media offers essential business and enterprise telephony solutions, including broadband, VoIP, telephone systems and number provisions. Speak Media provides a one-stop service solution for both consumer and business.


Speak Mobile

Speak Mobile provides community-based, mobile telephony packages with the provision of unique, value-added benefits such as mobile wallet services. Our community-based, carrier independent, mobile telephony packages are designed specifically to enhance customer experience, to make their lives easier and allow consumers to connect more easily and cost-effectively.


Speak Money

Speak Money provides bespoke mobile international services for specific, niche communities, with added best-in-class services. This includes money transfer, allowing users to send money from their mobile phone and mobile wallet balance transfers, a feature that allows users to send credit from their own balance to other mobile networks globally. These services are facilitated via the Speak Mobile & Speak Telecom networks.


Speak Telecom

Speak Telecom provides a portfolio of enabling / white-label services, tailored to the needs of each individual business partner. These include: carrier services, MVNO / MVNE services, white-label services to the industry, pre-paid card services, wholesale switching and SMS solutions.

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